Colon Detox Diet For Colon Cleansing

A diet is not just a diet that can make your body sterile but it can also trigger fatness and problems in the digestive system of the body, such as accumulation of harmful wastes in the digestive organs as well as the colon. A damaged colon cannot function effectively in eliminating the harmful materials in the body. It is similar to a sewer inside the home that is crammed with lots of awful substances. Once the colon becomes slow, the majority of the body are affected as well.

There is a clinical study done by Europe’s Royal Society of Medicine regarding the three dozen dangerous materials that can be found inside a damaged colon. This article can show you tips on how to make your colon work effectively through the colon detoxification diet. The colon detoxification diet is created in order to remove the harmful toxins and get the body back to its healthy state. Another function that the colon detoxification diet can do is to let you eat less costly foods which can be obtained from local supermarkets or some may already been stored inside your fridge or kitchen shelves. Here are some of the foods that you can consume during the colon detoxification diet:

Healthy Fruits and Fruit Juices

You can start your day by eating fresh fruits and drinking plenty of water in order to set the digestive tract in high gear and consequently have it accumulate plenty of healthy fibre, minerals, phytonutrients, and vitamins. It is also allowable to drink fresh fruit juices and vegetable juices mixed with one-part vinegar and three-part water at least a quart of them everyday during the colon detoxification diet. This can really be good for you and your colon.

Fresh Vegetables

During the colon detoxification diet, you can steer clear from vegetables that are rich in starch such as yams, turnips and potatoes. Nevertheless you can take fresh vegetables or salads by lightly steaming them to preserve their nutrient content. You just have to ensure that these fruits and vegetables are mixed with one-part vinegar and three-part water in order to eliminate the harmful toxin remains in the body. By consuming vegetables, your colon is going to be filled with cleansing fibres.


As for the herbs like bayberry, turkey rhubarb, and ginger, you can discover a lot of colon detoxification formulas in every local health food retail outlet. These herbs can help in stimulating the blood circulation and cleansing of the colon as well.

There is no need to eat meat, milk and dairy products, and wheat during the colon detoxification diet. The reason for this is because they let acid remains in the body which cause the imbalance of the body’s pH or acidity. Moreover, the calcium found in dairy items is not easily immersed in the body so there is a need to use an absorbable calcium health supplement instead. You must also refrain from drinking caffeine, alcohol and tobacco if you like to make the best out of the colon detoxification diet and maintain your health too.

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